Sharon Shymansky Roberts
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Just Who Am I?
First book launch ever!!! Saturday, Oct 10th, 6 pm at Shymanskys Marina and Restaurant, Cobb Island, Md.
Book signing at Precious Blood of Christ Arts and Crafts Festival, 1633 Waverly Road October 23rd from 9-12.
Book signing in Pawleys Island, November 6th.  Waccamaw Library, 4:30 to 6 pm.
Book signing at Grapefull Sisters Vineyard in Tabor, NC on November 7th. Huge arts and crafts event to benefit Altheimer's Foundation.  Go to their website for more information. Sounds like food and fun and good music to me.

October 28 and 29, 2016 at Precious Blood of Christ Arts and Crafts Festival, Pawleys island, SC.

Where can you find my book?

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First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit with me! I am new to all this and technologically challenged, so I hope you aren't disappointed when you get here. It's here on this page that I will keep you informed about my writing life, as it is just now coming out of the shadows, where I hid it for so long, and into the sunshine. Something about that Pawleys Island, SC sun, sand, and surf! Here you can read about what has been published. I hope that isn't going to be a short list!
So first, a bit about me. I was always a writer, a closet writer of the worst kind. I never wanted anybody to really see what I wrote, so I kept a folder of it all. There were no computers when I began, so I'm talking about a handwritten hodge-podge of everything I ever wrote or thought about writing.  
I didn't, however, dream of being a writer. From the time I was in 3rd grade, I felt called to be a teacher, and a teacher I became, loving almost every minute of that career. While the majority of my time was spent teaching middle school in Charles County, Maryland, I began at a middle school in Prince Georges County, moved on to various middle schools in Charles, including two Catholic middle schools, and did a brief foray into teaching at the community college. That was a remarkable experience! My very first 6th graders were starting college that year, and when they found out I was teaching freshman English, they signed up in droves! We had such a good time reminiscing, learning and growing together. It is one of my fondest memories.
My first published contribution to the writing world began here. This is a book of incredibly talented writers who were kind enough to take me in.  You will not be disappointed in this collection of shorts- short poetry, short mystery, short sci-fi, short Christian entries and just short good fun! This is a great coffee table book, beach read, read on a rainy day book, and so on. Just read it! My contribution  to the collection is The Power of Faith, Family and Friends found on page 49.
From there I went to teaching in a high school and that's where I ended my teaching career. In the interim, my husband Dan and I sold our property in Cobb Island, Maryland and bought land in King George, Virginia. We turned that land into an alpaca farm because we simply fell in love with those animals! We had a grand time raising and showing those animals for 10 years, but retirement  loomed and Pawleys Island called. We moved there December 30, 2013, and are living happily ever after.
Day 1 - Book arrived, deposited in its brown cardboard shroud unceremoniously on the front porch. How rude. Didn't UPS understand the significance of the package? One more check mark off my bucket list! Oh well, rip off the package covering, expose the treasure hiding inside. Pick up the phone, call our good friends, grab the champagne from the frig and drive over to their house, book safely ensconced in my purse. Surprise! I'm really an author now! Let's celebrate. And we did!
Day 2 - Life as usual all day. Oh by the way, I'm a published author, whispered here and there. Go to my writers grup meeting that night and share it with some special friends who truly appreciate what it means to labor over every word, put yourself out there like this, and pray readers will love what I have done. See my publisher. He whispers how proud he is of my little book. I am over the moon.
Day 3- Life as usual, except trying to get book launches scheduled in Maryland and here in Pawleys. Spoke to a few newspaper writers with whom I have made contact. They want to read the book and write a story about me. Very exciting. 
Day 4- Book should be on amazon by now. Afraid to look. Oh heck, Why not? I have to write my author central page if it is. Better go do that now!
Day 5- Hmm. Not there yet. Once there it will also be on every online book site around the world? There are others besides Amazon and Barnes and Noble? 
Day 6- So, my first book launch ever will take place at a dear place to me, Shymansky's Restaurant on Cobb Island, Maryland Oct 10th at 6. So excited and scared. What if no one comes? Oh well. I have family that will be there that I haven't seen in months now, so I will be a happy camper no matter what!
Day, I don't know, 13??? First ever book signing is over. After a sleepless night of counting people I know will show up to the book signing (instead of counting sheep) the signing time arrived...and so did people. Lots of people! Oh my! So good to see all those familiar faces. So good to get hugs and exchange catch-ups. I was a happy, happy person.
Then the texts and letters started. Beautiful sincere statements about how the writers have read my book and were touched and moved by it. OK. If I don't sell even one more book, those comments have made it all worthwhile! But, I really hope I can sell more!
11/14/15 Enough with marking the days! I can't keep up with that, so here's the latest. Book signing went fine in Pawleys. Loved having my friends come out, though I got a little nervous when the deacon and his wife strolled in. I must have done ok, because at church the next day our priest asked me if I wanted him to announce and speak about the book from the altar. Heck, yes!
Going home to Maryland soon and taking my books with me. Might as well see what it takes to have them placed in some areas there in good old Charles County. Plan to stop into the library there and see if they will host a book signing for me in the spring. That would be sweet. Pawleys library wants me to do another signing there in March, we had so much fun! I guess I need to hit the road and start taking books to our local Christian book stores to see if they will take some on. I am trying to contact Christian book publishers to see if they want to reprint the book and take it into their stable, which would put it in stores nationwide. That would be cool.

Eagerly waiting to see if the next contest, the IAN book awards, recognizes the little God-inspired book I wrote. I will be notified by August 5th. They never emailed me that they received my entry, and I sent it twice, so who knows if they ever got it. They cashed my money, I know that! So, I will know I am in the running by August 5th. I would really like this little book to go out there! Will keep you posted!

​My mom's death on July 13th, 2016, kind of put a temporary halt to my new book. It shouldn't have, I know, but it did. Slowly getting back into it. Never written a fiction novel before, Christian or otherwise. We'll see where God takes this one! Thanks for hanging in with me.
 Isbn is 
And,,,here it is! THE BOOK, a mere 66 years in the making and about one page in length per year!  But really, good things still come in small packages, right??? And yes, it is a Christian book of sorts. Biographical for sure, God inspired - absolutely. It won't take you long to read it, and I hope you enjoy it enough to keep it hanging around on your coffee table. Tell others about it, and...this is the big one. Look it up on and write a good review for me so the book can get nationally ranked! Isbn is 978-1-941069-33-2.